The Church of God International Bible College is committed to spiritual and academic excellence. These principles assist students in understanding the Scriptures, spiritual formation and developing skills and proper attitudinal responses in their personal life and Christian ministry.

The College aims to establish an environment that is conducive to, and centred around learning, and to set in place a support network for students in varous areas, including for guidance, tuition and support.

It further aims to demonstrate knowledge of the intersections between religion and selected contemporary issues. These include ethics, political and cultural issues, and to evaluate one’s own religious perspective and the perspective of others.

As far as teaching and learning are concerned, the Faculty continues to pursue excellence by seeking to address current issues.

We have well-qualified, experienced and dedicated lecturers who are committed to assisting students at all levels of study. Our intention is to work towards the common good of society, within churches, government and non-governmental organisations, community leaders and ministries. In our efforts to achieve transformation, we seek to foster inclusivity, embrace diversity and promote equity.

The Church of God International Bible College thus offers relevant, critical and contextual teaching, quality research and community engagement. These are offered with the aim of preparing students with the tools to respond to the challenges of life, make a difference in society, use the tools and skills needed to apply knowledge to given contextual experiences, and create an environment in which new ideas and thoughts can emerge. The College endeavours to promote transformational leaders and change the environment in the church.

Enjoy the journey of skills development and spiritual enrichment with the staff of Church of God International Bible College.

We are committed to excellence!